What to expect during your appointment

When to arrive

To respect your privacy and the privacy of other clients. we ask that you arrive no earlier than 10-15 minutes before your treatment. We ask that you fill out the online paperwork sent to you before your appointments. This will save time and allow us to get to treating you faster. However, there may still be paperwork for you to fill out on-site, before or after your treatment, so give yourself some time to do so.

Locked doors

There is not a receptionist and because of this, while treating a client, the door to the clinic will be locked, preventing access from the hallway. You are not locked in and can leave at any time but this prevents other people from walking in during your treatment. 

There is a waiting area in the clinic so if you wish to have a partner or relative wait for you, they can but once they leave the clinic, they won't be allowed back in until your treatment is completed.


The washroom facilities are located beside the clinic. They are shared with the other tenants of the building, so we recommend using the washroom before your appointment. The doors to the washrooms remain locked, to prevent public access, but a key is available for client access.

They are gender-assigned (by building management) so feel free to use the option you are most comfortable with or whichever is convenient at that time.


Prior to every treatment, a brief interview and assessment will be performed. This is done to ensure you get what you need out of your treatment.

We cannot treat something, if we do not know it is there. 

Assessment can include: postural assessment, range of motion exercises, orthopedic testing, and palpation.

Clothing options

It is important for you to feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment. This means that you can wear as much or as little clothing as you are comfortable with. Most clients feel comfortable undressing to just their underwear but that is ALWAYS up to you, as the client.

During treatment, you will be covered by sheets and only the specific area being worked on will be uncovered, per specific guidelines. While some techniques will be more effective with direct skin contact, there is ALWAYS a way to treat through clothing.


No matter what we do, whether it is assessment, relaxation treatments, or a specific technique, your consent is needed. This ensures you understand what is being done, why it is being done, and that you are comfortable with it being done. We will ask for your consent for every treatment you receive and you have the right to revoke or change that consent at ANY time. This means if you decide that you do not like a specific technique, are not comfortable with the treatment or just decide that today is not a good day for a massage, you have the right to say so, even if you are already on the treatment table and are half-way through your appointment.

For more information on draping guidelines, or to know which parts of the body get uncovered during treatment, click below.

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Clinic Policies

Arriving late

We understand that you can't always control when you can arrive. In Kitchener-Waterloo, there are two seasons: Winter and Construction. However, we need to be fair to every client and this means that if you are more than 20 minutes late for your appointment, we will be forced to cancel it and it will be treated as a missed appointment.

Rescheduling Your Appointment

You have up to 24hrs to reschedule your appointment online. With that said, we understand that things come up at the last minute that are out of your control. If you need to reschedule with less than 24hrs notice, give us a call and we'll do what we can to accommodate you - within reason

This means you cannot call an hour before your appointment to reschedule. If you do, this will be considered a missed appointment and treated as such. If last minute rescheduling becomes a habit, you will be notified that future reschedules will be treated like missed appointments.

Cancellations & Missed Appointments

We have a 24hr cancellation policy. You can cancel your appointment prior to the 24hr mark (meaning if your appointment was at 2pm on Tuesday, then you have until Monday at 2pm to cancel), online or by calling the clinic. All messages are time stamped.

If you fail to give 24hrs notice, or do not show up for your appointment you will be required to pay for 50% of the treatment you would have received - for example, if you were having a 60 minute treatment you will have to pay $42.50. This payment will be required before or on your next appointment and is not payable through your insurance company.

Privacy Policy

As a regulated health profession, we follow the same confidentiality and privacy policies as your family doctor or pharmacist. This means we will not share or sell your personal information without written consent from you. This includes discussing your treatment plan with your spouse, family members, or even your doctor/physiotherapist/chiropractor. For more information about this policy, click here

Direct Billing

We do offer direct billing with select insurance providers. Please allow yourself 5-10 minutes after your treatment for us to process the paperwork and submit your claim. Please make sure you have your insurance card with you. Some insurance providers will make you pay for your first appointment, so come prepared to pay for your first appointment.


The parking area directly beside our building often fills up quickly, so feel free to use the entire parking lot. The Rockway Business Centre shares the parking lot with our building, so park where ever is most convenient for you.